As designers and engineers it is important to continue the exploration of newer and better ways of approaching any challenge. Here are a few insights we'd like to share with you.
Brooks Stevens
Whether it is a scientific calculator or a  smart phone, engineers have been carrying high tech devices on our belts for decades. However, none of these have the nostalgia of a slide rule in its leather case (yet). If you are unfamiliar with a slide rule, also known as a slipstick, it is basically a manual, non-powered scientific calculator that multiplies, divides, adds, subtracts, finds roots, and other logarithmic functions. Although this “technology” has become obsolete, it still has...
I attended the 2013 Greater Milwaukee Auto Show this past week. Checking out what’s new and dreaming of the ones I wish I could have in my garage! What struck me is how a matte paint finish transforms the look of a car. The form communicates itself in a purer sense without all the distractions of reflections and highlights. Seeing this Hyundai next to one with the traditional shine made it take awhile to make sure it was the same model!
Brooks Stevens
Once again, Brooks Stevens staff members showed off their artistry at the Official 2013 Wisconsin snow sculpting competition, The Big Chill.  Snow sculptors from throughout the state submitted their designs for approval in early December. We were proud that two of our employees were chosen to compete in this highly-selective competition.  The designs were carved out of 6′ x 6′ x 8′ blocks of snow that weighed over 16,000 pounds.  While some of us at BSI would use that amount of...